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I’m a 3rd year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder, where I research Internet censorship and network security, advised by Eric Wustrow.

I enjoy building practical anti-censorship solutions, including detection and protection against TLS fingerprinting, a probe-resistant web proxy, and TapDance — a type of Refraction Networking censorship circumvention systems focused on deployment.

I got my BS degree in Lobachevsky University.


An ISP-Scale Deployment of TapDance

    Sergey Frolov, Fred Douglas, Will Scott, Allison McDonald, Benjamin VanderSloot,
    Rod Hynes, Adam Kruger, Michalis Kallitsis, David G. Robinson, Steve Schultze,
    Nikita Borisov, J. Alex Halderman, and Eric Wustrow

    In 7th USENIX Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet (FOCI 2017).

email: sergey.frolov@colorado.edu

Wire: @sfrolov.

Telegram: @srfrolov.

Signal: contact me elsewhere for my phone number.

Twitter: @srfrolov

GitHub: sergeyfrolov

gpg key: 703A 70EC D2E9 458D 51C9 B54E 2BD0 9196 0164 17DD

ssh keys: ed25519, RSA

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