Hello World

I’m Sergey Frolov, a 2nd year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

My research interests are in the areas of anticensorship, cybersecurity, privacy, computer networks and a bit of distributed systems. As of Fall 2016, I am the admininstrator of CSEL, but starting Spring 2017 I will be a Research Assistant with Eric Wustrow to focus on TapDance censorship cirumvention system.

Before getting to CU Boulder, I got my BS degree in Lobachevsky University.


email: sergey.frolov@colorado.edu

gpg key: 703A 70EC D2E9 458D 51C9 B54E 2BD0 9196 0164 17DD

ssh key: SHA256:9qe7U4fhMIkcaEixhqLTzuq7+tP15pE7Qj1kxtAKVWs

As far as messengers go, I love Signal: it’s not hard to use, really. WhatsApp also works.

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